Jay Whitecotton is the product of a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic family of drug addicted Star Trek nerds, who would rage tweak all night while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Somehow this was not a setback. He’s performed at Funny or Die’s Oddball Festival, Las Vegas Punk Rock and Bowling Festival, Moontower Comedy Fest, and more. In 2016 his debut album hit #1 on iTunes comedy and he taped for FOX and PBS. Between solo gigs he is one third of the American Heretics Comedy Tour along with Tom Simmons and Stewart Huff.




“…ridiculously funny with absolutely no boundaries!” – Blake Doelle San Marcos Local News

“’Comedy is a dead art form.’ Not in his hands.” – Hector Saldana The Express News

“..some guy named Whitecotton…” – Brian Villalobos SA Current

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